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      沃瑞特 · 匯集全球優質產品
      VORUITE · Collection of Global Quality Products
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      Shijiazhuang Voruite Trading Co.,Ltd.mainly engages in flavor and fragrance, natural essential oil,cosmetics and chemical additive, etc. Major businesses are:Research, development , manutfacture and sales of essential oil and flavor.  The product mainly include  natural lavender essential oil, natural rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, Atlantic cedar oil and other high-end categories, predominating domestic high-end market. The wearable essential oil upgrading product, a self-owned brand independently researched, developed and designed by our company which was launched at the beginning of 2018, creates the concept of natural, safe and convenient for carry-on essential oil aromatherapy and has good market reaction.As for daily chemicals, flavor, as an intermediate product with high added value which brings the joyfulness and sense of beauty of perfume for numerous daily chemicals and cleaning supplies, is also a visual representation of product characteristics. Our company has multiple stable customers and also serves as flavor supplier for such domestic production plants of soap, liquid cleaning supplies.The new product persistent in fragrance holding, friendly in interface and wide in use, is considerably required in the market of cleaning supplies with perfume such as aroma products, and actively promoted. We provide fragrance high-end private customization  solutions for customers according to their needs.

      Our company distributes chemical additives and occupies a space in the intense market competition.

      標簽: 石家莊沃瑞特商貿有限公司  沃瑞特  天然精油  日用香精  化工助劑  沃瑞特商貿有限公司 


      Address: 813,814, Jinyu Building 46#, Yong’an Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei China
      postcode: 050000

      地址:石家莊橋西區永安街46號金?;▓@813, 814室 


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